Fiona D Pacquette || ELSOM Manager, Music Theory (Adults) and Piano Tutor

Fiona Dwanell Pacquette is the youngest of 3 children born to Leone R Pacquette and Jean Pacquette (now deceased). Her mother taught her how to play hymns before she started receiving piano tuition at Central Foundation Girls' School at 14 years old.

After seeing that she was serious about music, her father decided to purchase her very first upright grand piano when she turned 19.

Fiona then went on to study BA Music and MA Liturgical Music and Special Honours Study (composition) at the Colchester Institute School of Music under the tutelage of Professor William Tamblyn (now retired).

She has taught private piano lesson at her church in North London for over 20 years and still continues to teach there and most recently, she has been appointed to co-ordinate the East London School of Music (ELSOM) which launched 5th April 2015.

Fiona is now the Music Director and Organist of Hampstead Seventh-day Adventist church in North West London, she also manages the Hampstead Adventist Choral Society & Millennium Orchestra, HACS Millennium Brass and HACS Strings & Woodwind Ensemble. Both Fiona and her mother also sing in an all female quartet group called the Hampstead Ladies' Quartet.

Fiona's main passion is to see youngster, adults and anyone who has an interest in learning an instrument - to follow their dreams and see it through.
"I like to give others the same opportunities I had" she says, "playing an instrument and writing music are very useful skills to have".

Fiona enjoys teaching, arranging Classical repertoire for instrumental and vocal ensembles, orchestras and choirs - which she still continues to do and is very happy doing it.

  • Skills

    piano, organ, flute, music composition, choir director